Why a Safari Holiday Should Be on Your Bucket List

silhouette of giraffes and rhino against an African sunset during safari. aTRAVELthing.com

Whether your travel bucket list is purely hypothetical and in your head, written on a note on your phone, or a fully realized, decorated and planned out vision board that you look at daily, if you don’t have a safari holiday on it, then it really should be! This is one of the most incredible trips you can take, and if you don’t believe us, here are some reasons why!

See wild animals up close

This is the first because it is the most obvious. Although you may have watched your fair share of David Attenborough documentaries, and been to a few zoos, nothing really compares to hearing a lion roar in real life or spotting a giraffe grazing on trees nearby. Sadly, some of these animals will be extinct in the next few years, so this might be your only opportunity to see them. Don’t put it off, just in case it becomes too late!

Image of giraffes during a safari in Africa


Make new friends

The diverse types of people you will meet on a safari will make for amazing memories and stories when you get home. The other guests are likely to also be animal lovers, so you already have plenty in common, and you can learn a whole lot from the people who work on the safari. Sometimes it seems that people watching is as exciting as animal watching!

Support conservation

Speaking of animals going extinct, you can help support conservation and the welfare of the animals by staying at a lodge in a designated national park. Usually, the park fees that you are charged at the end of your stay goes towards park maintenance and anti-poaching initiatives.  There are some animal tourism options where you can get up close and personal with the animals but to the detriment of their welfare, with them being abused behind the scenes or unhappy to be “performing”, so this is the perfect way to enjoy the animals but know that you are doing them no harm.

You can explore in luxury

Although a safari might conjure up images of sleeping in a small one-man tent, that doesn’t have to be the case. For a bit more of a luxury splurge, you could check into one of the private villas that boast 5* catering and private pools! The treats don’t have to stop there, of course. Instead of seeing the animals on foot, or on the back of a 4×4, spend a little more and enjoy a hot air balloon ride, or a private boat.

An elephant foraging during a safari in Africa

Ultimate romance

If you are looking for the perfect honeymoon destination, you need to look no further than a safari! Places like Tanzania are the ideal destination to spend your days alternating between checking out the animals and relaxing on the white sands, before a romantic evening watching the sunset over the Serengeti. Bliss!

Supporting the locals

Most of the staff that you will come across on your safari will be from the local community and by buying crafts made by the community, eating locally sourced produce and even just staying in the lodges, you will be helping to fund the wages and keep local people in jobs – which is a pretty great thing to do!

So after reading all that, surely you are ready to book your safari holiday, or at the very least are adding it to your list! Going on a safari is something you need to experience to truly appreciate so let us know in the comments, why you think everyone should have a safari holiday on their bucket list, or whether this post has convinced you.


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