Volunteering for Wildlife in Africa

Volunteer in Africa

There are many reasons why people choose to travel, from the discovery of new places and meeting new people, to relaxation and entertainment. While most people choose to travel for their own personal satisfaction, some choose to travel in order to help others and make a difference. They go where they are needed, helping where they can such as volunteering for wildlife.

Helping African Wildlife

Among the most popular destinations is Africa, where people choose to volunteer helping with wildlife in rehabilitation centers, natural parks and wherever the animals need a helping hand. Before embarking on such an expedition, you need to know a few basic things about volunteering in Africa to work with animals.

A hyena sniffing a volunteers hand. Photo by:
A hyena sniffing a volunteers hand. Image: BDF Wildlife Training (CC BY 2.0)

There are many places and ways to volunteer in Africa and work with animals, but the most important thing anyone should know is that it is hard work and you should be ready to really work, as well as love animals. However, it is also a very enjoyable experience, with anyone from students to families, mature people and anyone interested having an opportunity to be a part of this activity.


With some of the most diverse, but also endangered wildlife in the world, Africa is probably the best place to volunteer. From conservation work to rehabilitation centers, there are many types of projects available to willing volunteers. Anyone interested can apply to be a volunteer, but there are some requirements, as well as different type of projects for different types of people.

Crocodile in Wildlife Conservation in Africa.
Image: BDF Wildlife Training (CC BY 2.0)

Your Health and Safety While Volunteering

Even before setting up for the adventure, travelers to Africa and volunteers included should know what to expect. There are many safety and health issues that you should consider, as there are rules for working with wild animals as well as obligatory training periods.

By choosing to volunteer, you should be involved completely in the cause you chose, caring about your role and the difference you can make. It is true that the experience can be magnificent and you will come to appreciate the places and people you see, but the first purpose is to help.

How do you find volunteer programs in Africa? The best option is the Internet, for basic information and choosing a destination. There are also many travel agencies and tour operators offering the chance to embark into working with animals in Africa.


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