A Visual Guide to Airbnb Hosting


While it’s still in its relative infancy, Airbnb has really shaken up the travel accommodation industry. It has caused hotels and hotel booking engine behemoths such as Booking.com and Hotels.com to sit up and take notice and has also created a standalone new income stream for many people who previously might never have even considered it an option. Millions of people all over the world are now taking advantage of extra space that they happen to have and are listing it on Airbnb.

While listing a property on Airbnb isn’t just as simple as posting the details of the accommodation on the site and walking away, it is relatively easy to maintain a room(s) or a whole property on the site with a little knowhow. The guys over at EZ Living have put together this interesting infographic which details what you need to consider before listing on the Airbnb website; it also highlights some valuable tips that should optimise your listing. Check out the infographic below!

An infographic guide to hosting with Airbnb



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