Velo Cafe in Mooloolaba, Australia

An image of bread in a basket being served at Velo Cafe in Mooloolaba, Australia


In a neighbourhood just outside Mooloolaba there is an unexposed pearl. This pearl is Velo Cafe which stands out from all the other ones one can find in Mooloolaba, thanks to its unique interior and theme. We would not have found this secret spot if it wasn’t for our friend who took us there, and we got the feeling that the bigger part of the guests are locals from Mooloolaba.



Even-though it wasn’t needed, we found that knowing the story behind the cafe gave it even more personality.
In short, there was a young couple who had an French girl over as an au pair. They all shared the same values and dreams of wanting to create a place where people could get together, laugh, and eat good simple food. With inspiration from the French girl and her culture they came up with a concept that included all these parts and by letting the French touch reach in to interior, theme and design the place got an authentic atmosphere and life of its own.

velo5  velo 1

The food one is eating is freshly made, it is organic and seasonal and with products used from local farmers. With a big variation in food and a choice of several vegan and gluten free alternatives, there is something for everyone.

velo4  velo 2

We absolutely loved Velo Cafe from first sight and it is one of those pearls that one really want to find while travelling. With its friendly staff, delicious food and perfect mix of modern, classic and personal interior it is well worth a visit.

The address is: 19 Careela st Mooloolaba



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