Your Ultimate Guide to the Cayman Islands

Beautiful beach, blue skies and palm trees on the Cayman Islands

Are you a kind of a traveler looking for crystal-clear sea and amazing beaches with powdery, coral sand to sink your toes in? Or are you more of an active explorer looking forward to snorkeling, diving, and hiking? The Cayman Islands will reward you in spades. This archipelago has everything to offer. For beach-and-sun enthusiasts, the vast Seven Mile Beach is right this way. Scuba divers, slip into your gear and explore the sunken vessel Kittiwake. Back at the beach restaurant, fringed palm leaves invite you for a glass of best rum and delicious seafood. Here are more reasons to fulfill your ultimate summer vacation fantasy:

Cayman Turtle Farm

One of the most popular land-based attractions on the Cayman Islands is this wildlife reserve. The farm and research center gives you the opportunity to get familiar with the rarest and most amazing forms of marine creatures. Hold and swim with green sea turtles, and admire the saltwater crocodiles from afar.

Hell Rocks

Another wonder of nature native to the Cayman Islands is this strange limestone formation which natural forces slowly crafted for 24 million years. This football-stadium-sized patch of pointy black rocks and occasional red ears of roaming devils can be either a hell on earth on a busy day packed with tourists or a fun excursion into a strange, other world.


Image of Hell Rocks and palm trees Cayman Islands

Seven Mile Beach

This beach is the number one reason why the Cayman Islands are famed as being an ultimate island getaway vacation. Get a whiff of that famous Caribbean flair on this seven-mile-long stretch of pearly sand and pristine water.

Kittiwake shipwreck

An eclectic mix of magnificent reefs and walls and marine wildlife will positively take your breath away. Get on a tour of a submerged U.S. navy vessel Kittiwake and roam around the many chambers together with amazing sea creatures. If you’re in for this underwater adventure, Cayman Turtle Divers is one of the finest Grand Cayman dive shops around to serve all your scuba diving and snorkeling needs.

Diving the Kittiwake shipwreck in the Cayman Islands

Rum Point

The real magic of the Caribbean has to start with a sip of rum. On the North Side of the Grand Cayman, you’ll find some of the best beach bars and restaurants of local cuisine. Many watersports operators are located here. The beach is also convenient for families. The little ones can play in the shallow waters while the adults enjoy snorkeling at its best.

Crystal Caves

Get ready for some underground fun. Located in a lush tropical forest, the Crystal Caves hide an amazing prehistoric world. Spend two hours investigating ancient cave formations and geological rarities.

Stingray City

This is your once-in-lifetime opportunity to get up close and make friends with these odd but adorable creatures. Wade and snorkel around while graceful stingrays rub up against you like home pets. This is also a great excursion for families with kids. Make sure to take plenty of photos and wackiest selfies.

Image of two stingrays in the famous Stingray City in the Cayman Islands

Pedro St. James

Visit the oldest building on the Cayman Islands and get acquainted with the local history. Pedro’s castle is believed to have been built around 1780 by an early settler and a plantation owner. If only he had known that his house would eventually serve as a jail, courtroom and a venue for government meetings.

Mastic Trail

The real magic of the Cayman Islands happens far away from the resorts and big hotels. Get in touch with the local wilderness on a Mastic Reserve hiking trail. This footpath is at least 200 years old and will showcase the wonderful and rare plant life. Trekking through the native wetlands and ancient mangrove forest will leave no-one indifferent.

Heritage Kitchen

At the northern tip of the Seven Mile Beach, you’ll find a rustic Caribbean hut serving fried fish and fresh seafood. This charming restaurant offers some of the best dishes of local cuisine. Don’t miss trying the Cayman style grouper and Conch Soup.

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