Travel Diary: Travel the Globe

sunset travel

So, it is time for two of us here at atravelthing to go out a travel the globe. 29th of December is the day when we will leave the cold weather in sweden for some Aussie sun. We are going to start our travels visiting a really good friend of mine, and after that head to LA.
We haven’t planned anything, we’re going to take it day by day. Live now.

How do we feel?
We are superexcited! It is going to be awesome to see new cool places, meet new fun and interesting people, and get some life experience.

The idea is that we will update everyone about where we are, what we are doing and things we want to share while away. And, we want to develop the whole online travel magazine by taking awesome photos, write inspiring articles about places we visit and upload videos etcetera.


We are ready, are you??

Love / Emma and Lisa


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