Top 9 Most Wheelchair-Friendly Tourist Attractions in the World


It is now considered a standard procedure for visitor attractions to have arrangements in place to cater for tourists with disabilities, not least those in wheelchairs. Most tourist sites will have adequate wheelchair facilities implemented, but there is a select few who spared no effort in being exceptionally accommodating to disabled visitors. In an era where anyone can easily post a review about anywhere they visit and for that review to be visible to a global audience, it is a major plus for visitor sites to gain a reputation as being especially wheelchair-friendly.

The folks at Home Healthcare Adaptations produced the infographic below to highlight the contributions of nine such visitor attractions, while also helping people with disabilities to perhaps decide upon an ideal location for their next holiday. Some of the attractions mentioned in the infographic are several stories tall but provide elevators of ample size and no shortage of room for maneuver so that disabled visitors can tour with ease. Most of them also advise tourists in wheelchairs to visit in early mornings or late afternoons/evenings, as these attractions can get quite crowded during peak times. Check out the infographic below to see which locations made the list of the world’s most wheelchair-friendly tourist attractions.

Infographic showing the world's most wheelchair-friendly tourist attractions




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