Tasty Travel: The Diversity of Hawaiian Cuisine

A bowl of the Hawaiian dish Lomi Lomi

When you hear the words “Hawaiian cuisine”, you’re probably going to think of a full spread of delicious Polynesian-style foods, tropical fruits, fresh ingredients, maybe a barbecued meat dish somewhere in the spread, and a good feast under the sun.

Hawaiian cuisine is popular for its diverse, interesting, and delicious foods brought upon by the state being a multi-cultural melting pot in the Pacific Ocean. Different cultures are expressed in every dish and specialty on the island, allowing for a variety of food options. And it is one of the most distinct and identifiable cuisines in the world.

If you’re hopping over to Hawaii (especially Waikiki) for an authentic Hawaiian cuisine experience, try out these popular and celebrated dishes! Learn about them in this infographic by Go Hawaii Tours.


An infographic about Hawaiian Cuisine


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