Take a Step Into the Wild at a Rainforest Resort

one of the unique rooms overlooking the waterfall at Rainforest Resort Athirapally

Built with the aim of giving guests the opportunity to be part of nature. Situated in the rainforest, offering luxury accommodation as part of unique nature experience including interactions with rare animals and plants while enjoying the beauty of Asia’s largest waterfall, Rainforest Resort Athirapally was built with conservation in mind.

The goal of this boutique resort is to give all visitors a place to grow their courage to be who they are, calm down and relax by letting their senses rest from hectic modern life.

Located in the south-west Indian state of Kerala, this resort was built in harmony with nature, offering different accommodations for guests to stay in. Rainforest Resort Athirapally Falls gives a choice of nine super-luxurious rooms along with two stand alone rooms and they are all spectacular in their own way. However, the one that strikes us most is the Tree House. Placed several meters above the ground and created with a fusion between design and untouched nature, the Tree house brings the visitor a feeling of childlike freedom.


Infinity Pool

A Tailored Food Experience

RestaurantContinuing with the “unique experiences” theme of the resort, the restaurant offers a special way of dining with a 180-degree view over the waterfalls from the open lawn. Try having your dinner under stars and moonlight while listening to the sounds of the night falling. The menu is tailored to each guest’s needs and also includes local dishes and beverages.


A Walk in the Forest

Take a guided walk through the pristine Sholaya Forest learn about the importance of the rainforest and why we need to protect it and other rainforests around the world. Along the way, you may have the chance to see some the exotic wildlife that call the Sholaya home.


A Tribal Experience

Get close to the tribes in the area around Rainforest Resort. Take part in their way of life and even stay with them for a night or two! The local people are live on fishing, hunting and collecting honey. As a visitor of the Rainforest Resort you have the chance to be involved in these activities, eat their food and learn from their traditions.


The Waterfall

Have yourself a “waterfall shower” while standing at the foot of the Athirapally Falls. You don’t need much more than the majestic falls to get a one of a kind experience from this trek. But if you want to make it even more memorable, bring a picknick hamper from the resort and enjoy it while taking in the view of the wild river and its falls.

For more information about the resort and how to get there, check out their website at www.rainforest.in



  1. You have mentioned everything you could like Periyar wild, Aitharapillay waterfall, but the main attractions are Kerala backwaters like Alleppey, Kerala have a nature-friendly environment as well


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