Solo Travel Guide: 3 Days in Bangkok on a Budget

Street view in Bangkok Thailand

Most people believe that you can only have fun when with others, especially friends and family, but that does not apply to everyone. The story is different for those who have tried solo vacations to distant places where they knew no one. Traveling alone can indeed be challenging, especially if you are going to a place of different cultures, but it can also bring the best learning experience you will ever have. When alone, you will have the opportunity to concentrate on things you could not give a damn about when in a group. One of the cities you should add to your ‘solo travel list’ is Bangkok. The people of Bangkok are warm and welcoming, plus you can have a chance to visit Bangkok rooftop restaurants. Here is a list of some of the things you should do when traveling solo to Bangkok.

Buy a Prepaid Simcard

The first thing you should do when you land in Bangkok is to buy a prepaid simcard. The cards are readily available at the airport with a validity of thirty days. There is also a cheaper option of 7 days validity period for those not spending more than a week for their Thailand solo travel.

The prepaid Sims will also have some data bundles and Thai-call time if you need to call someone. You can also get a Thai Simcard in convenience stores around the city if you were not lucky to get one at the airport. The only requirement for you to get a Simcard is your passport for an identity check. The staff will help you install and activate the card.


Choose a Good Location for Your Accommodation

Street view in Bangkok Thailand

The best place to find accommodation in Bangkok is within the city centre or an area that is close to public transportation. Living close to public transport will work for you as a solo tourist since you don’t have someone else with whom you can split transport cost. In Bangkok, one can use public transportation means such as BTS Sky train, The Chao Phraya Riverboats, and the MRT subway. All these Public transport means will save you money and time, unlike when you use a taxi alone.

Visit Bangkok Rooftop Restaurants

View from a rooftop restaurant in Bangkok Thailand

The knight life in Bangkok might seem perfect for couples or a group of friends, but there are also places where you can have fun alone. One such place is a rooftop bar in Bangkok like Cielo Sky Bar and Restaurant along Sukhumvit road.

Here, you will experience a 360 degrees view of Bangkok plus the romantic sunsets and descends. You can spoil yourself with all sorts of Bangkok beer and also meet with some other Bangkok solo travellers from different parts of the world.

Visit Khao San Road

Khao San Road is a name that you will find in almost every Bangkok travel tips article. Khao San Road is the place where you can experience real Thai culture. The foods and drinks here are cheap plus you can make new friends from both the local people and other tourists who can give you more ideas on what more to see in Bangkok.


We usually have fun when doing things with friends and family, but it is also essential to have some time alone. A solo vacation in Bangkok will give you all the experiences you need as a solo tourist especially if you are on a low budget Bangkok trip. Bangkok has a lot of travel destinations that will not cost you much to have fun. As you can see, there are plenty of things to do in Bangkok when travelling alone. See you in Bangkok for your next solo trip.

Contributor: Monica Lee

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