September Travel Tips: Best Places and Essentials

A festival in Athens Greece

Although it’s commonly believed that September is reserved for back-to-school hype, it’s not a secret that September is also perfect for travelling. Yes, your kids are starting school but the offer at many travel destinations is hard to resist so getting a few days off might not be a bad idea. Less crowd, lower prices, pleasant weather – what more can you want from a holiday, especially when you’re travelling with your youngsters? From all around the world, here are the best places to visit in September and essentials you should bring with you.

Rain City

Cityscape of Vancouver British Columbia in Canada

Don’t let the title scare you – Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada got this nickname because of its wet weather but September is the best time to see Vancouver’s true magic. As a rule, early fall in Canada is the most beautiful time to be there – just imagine the shades of the fall foliage. On the other hand, summer-like weather often stretches through September so you’ll probably get the chance to enjoy the best of both seasons.


What to Do

If you’re a movie addict, Vancouver is the place to be in September and October since that’s when the Vancouver International Film Festival happens. The city is also called Hollywood North because it is home to fourth largest film and television production industry so you get the idea why this film festival might be special. Kids can have so much fun at Stanley Park – a free water park, driving lessons, and many adventures await there.

A wooden Totem pole in Vancouver British Columbia Canada

What to Pack

The weather in Vancouver is unpredictable but since it’s considered to be a pretty laid-back city – comfy, sports clothing should find its place in your suitcase. Think warm and waterproof but also lighter clothing. Also, you’ll need both umbrella and sun hats. Don’t forget sunscreen – to protect your kids even if the mild sunshine.

The Violet City

Distance view of Athens, Greece and the Acropolis

A few years ago, my family and I decided to go to Athens, Greece in September and it was the best holiday-related decision we have ever made. The weather is still warm but not too hot so you can enjoy that Greek magic without worrying whether your kids will be too hot. It’s also the end of tourist season in Greece then so you can expect fewer crowds and better prices.

What to Do

September is a festival season in Greece – from Athens International Film Festival to International Trade Fair in Thessaloniki to grape festivals all around the Greece. So, if you’re a wine lover, Greece is September is the place to be. Take your kids to Athens Planetarium, Zoological Park or Reptile Centre and they’re surely be amused.

A festival in Athens Greece

What to Pack

You can expect the weather to be warm but pleasant so packing lightly will be enough. Bring comfy shoes so you can easily get around the city and see all the sights without any discomfort. As for the kids, think light but practical. Keep in mind that clothes get easily damaged on vacation so purchasing used dresses for girls might be a good idea to save money and still have your girls looking pretty.

The City Beautiful

View of the Orlando, Florida Skyline reflecting in the water at sunset

Located in Central Florida, Orlando makes the perfect city to visit in the back-to-school season since that’s when the hotel rates and crowds go down but the fun goes up. There are several interesting theories how Orlando got its name but there’s no doubt how the city got its flattering nickname. There’s a myriad of reasons to call him beautiful but it’s the best to go and see all the reasons for yourself.

What to Do

Orlando is famous for its theme parks making it the best city for both kids and the adults. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Disney’ Magic Kingdom Park, and Universal Island of Adventures are just some of the destinations to take your kids to and watch them get overwhelmed with excitement. Don’t miss the museums either – Madam Tussauds, Skeleton Museum, and Orlando Science Centre should be your top picks.

An image of Cinderella's Castle at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL

What to Pack

Average temperatures for Orlando in September go from 73° to 90° F meaning it will be warm but not too hot – just perfect. Having that in mind, pack lightly with a travel-inspired hoodie or two to keep you warm if the nights get chilly. Don’t forget the swimsuits either – Discovery Cove Water Park offers a lot of fun activities while snorkeling with manatees is something special for sure.

As you can see, a vacation in September can be magical – you just need to choose your destination carefully. Magic fall in Canada, end of summer in Greece, or fun times in Florida – the choice is all yours. Don’t forget to include your kids in the process of picking a destination – hear their wishes and act accordingly since that’s the way to keep them amused and have the best holiday ever!

Contributor: Gabriella Diesendorf

Gabriella is a devoted mother from Australia. She loves badgering about beauty, travel, green lifestyle choices and parenting techniques, and if you mention attachment parenting or natural makeup she will bore you to death.



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