Save Money While Traveling: 5 Tips for Backpackers

Male backpacker walking down a street in Southeast Asia

I think when it comes to traveling nothing can stop a true traveler! That includes backpacking on a tight budget. The excitement of seeing new places & exploring beautiful locations is just out of this world. But, as we all know backpacking can be a costly affair, there are a number of huge expenses that come with it such as airline ticket booking, accommodation cost, transportation, travel guide or tour charges, etc.

So, in this article, I am going to share some top money saving tips that I found really useful during my last trip to New York City which is full of iconic landmarks, venerable museums, and breath-taking views.

Buy Flight Tickets in the Off-Season

The tip to buy airline tickets at the lowest rates is to purchase them a month or at least 15 days before your trip because different airlines offer many types of discounts at times like when I was planning my vacation, Emirates was offering a 25% discount on Top Vouchers Code which really helped me in saving my travel money for other things.


An Emirates Airbus A380 on the runway at an airport

Book a Hotel in Advance

Similarly, you can book a nice hotel in any country through different online portals before your arrivals such as Travelodge and Amoma. There are also some other sites like and Travel Trolley that gives you a complete list of affordable hotels, car hire, flight booking with brilliant suggestions for top destinations.

Save the Luggage Fee

Traveling light is always a great option because it will save your money on the extra luggage charges and will also reduce the weight from your shoulders. Only pack the travel essentials & not a bit more than that.

A jar full of travel money laying on a map

People usually consider all the scenarios that might happen during their holidays and pack everything in their house and that is where everything goes wrong, leading you towards a way more costly direction than ever.

Don’t Bring Out your Credit Card

Don’t go shopping before every trip and don’t buy unnecessary things like plenty of clothes, shoes, and gadgets that you are never going to get the time to use. Take this advice from me, don’t read any of those travel essential gadgets guides because they are certainly not that vital for your trip.

You can easily survive with just your mobile phone or maybe a high definition camera if you love to take photographs on your way to picturesque sights.

Look for Discounts on Everything

Not just airline tickets and hotel bookings are costly but also different activities and city tours prices are way high in different cities but here is a tip for this, you can shop tour tickets, sightseeing passes, air, helicopter, balloon tours, etc. at low rates from Trip Advisor and keep things in your travel budget.

A street sign on a beach that says Best Travel Offers

In my view, a trip is a successful one, if you enjoy the places you see and feel delightful by trying out new things like I tried skyscraping and bungee jumping for the first time in New York.

So, don’t postpone your backpacking adventure just for the reason that you don’t have enough money in your pockets and try a little harder this time by doing it all smartly and in the most cost-effective way possible.




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