Sally Fitzgibbons: Traveling Pro-Surfer

An image of Sally Fitzgibbons, pro surfer, surfing in Australia

Sally  Fitzgibbons is an Australian surf pro, traveling the world to compete in different surf competitions she gets the chance to see loads of different places. We are happy to present this short interview with her:

Sally Fitzgibbons Surfing
Since you are traveling around the globe surfing you get to see a lot of different places and countries. We assume that you predominantly visit the competition beaches and these make up most of the places you probably travel to. When you travel in your own private time, for leisure, what do you look for in a destination?

When I’m off on an adventure I’m looking for destinations that have relatively undiscovered surf breaks so the line up is really empty. The destination has to be a great location to really explore the outdoors. I look for places that have completely different cultures to here in Australia, to really open up my mind to different ways of living, eating, communicating and dressing. Always amazing to experience something new.
Traveling Sally Fitz


Can you tell us about your most memorable moment while travelling?

One of my memorable travelling experiences would be taking a helicopter around the Hawaiian Island of Maui on one of my Roxy adventures. The Chopper had no doors so it felt pretty extreme and I was dropped to some of the most spectacular locations to film me training in my Roxy Outdoor Fitness gear. From crazy remote waterfalls, to 3500ft up on the narrow volcanic ridges, down to the lava rocks that meet the ocean and even in the valley where Jurassic Park movies were filmed on Oahu. All these locations were such amazing landscapes that very few people get to visit. It hardly felt like work.
Helicopter Ride

 If you got a ticket to travel anywhere in the world tomorrow where would you go?

I’d love to check out Mauritius, I’ve heard it is a beautiful spot and has some great hidden surf spots… but lots of sharks.

 What is the one thing that you could not travel without?

My fit ball and roller are essential items. I take them absolutely everywhere to stretch and train with, to keep my body in check.

And finally, which is your favourite surf spot?

I love surfing Jeffery’s Bay in South Africa. A really special spot to go and surf, so many iconic moments have taken place there and I love sitting out there as huge pods of dolphins stream past in the mornings. They tell me sometime there are so many dolphins coming down the point you have to get out of the water as you can’t surf… I’d like to see that!
Surfing Australia Sally

Want to see more from Sally? Follow her journeys and adventures at @Sally_Fitz on Instagram and Twitter or check out her website.

Thank you Sally, we wish you all the best and good luck with all the competitions!


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