Prague Mini Travel Guide: Enjoying this City to the Fullest

Riverfront view of the city of Prague in the Czech Republic

Once you come to Prague, it’s impossible to resist its Bohemian charms. This is an absolutely amazing city to behold no matter if you visit alone, with a bunch of your friends or have come on a business trip. If you have never had the opportunity to travel here or are just curious about the city’s attractions, here is a mini guide of Prague, which will put everything in perspective and hopefully convince you to buy your plane tickets soon enough.

Stag do activities in Prague

Prague is the number one European destination when it comes to stag do parties. With quality Czech beer, nightclubs working till the dawn, gorgeous women, and tons of interesting activities to spice up the celebrations – it is quite clear why this city attracts swarms of young men from all over the European and American continents. They come to spend their last bachelor’s weekend here and get unforgettable memories.

Numerous travel agencies offer all the necessary services for that purpose – meeting at the airport, accommodation for rent, consultations on available excursions, and organization of all the desired activities. Every groom-to-be can customize a stag do adventure in Prague to his liking. The city has it all – outdoor activities like paintball, quad biking, rafting, AK47 shooting; indoor activities like go-karting, Guided Booze Nights, Brewery Tour in Staropramen and so much more. In fact, here you have a chance to fly in a proper military fighter jet! This is really a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity only in Prague!


Scent of history

Make no mistake, the historical center of Prague is the largest urban architectural reserve in the world! No wonder it is included in UNESCO’s list of World Cultural Heritage. The rich history of more than 1,100 years is reflected in the city’s immaculate architecture. As you wander along the urban streets, you will be amazed by the romantic combination of ancient buildings, grandiose palaces, awe-inspiring churches, and unique modern edifices.

Street view of the Astronomical Clocks in the city of Prague, Czech Republic

It’s like feeling the very essence of the nation’s past in the present moment. More than 4 million tourists come to Prague every year as a result and a lot of them aren’t visiting for the first time. Prague is described as a golden, charming and magical city on seven hills. It is truly an open-air museum of architectural splendor.

City attractions

Prague is beautiful during all seasons and any part of the day. It’s perfect for drinking a hot morning coffee in one of its cozy coffee shops, watching the urban hustle and bustle unfold, and absorbing the calming vibe the city oozes. If you want to visit some of the more popular city destinations, you cannot go wrong with:

  • Mala Strana: located on the left banks of Vltava, on the slopes just below the World Heritage castle complex, this 13th-century quarter is teeming with embassies and government offices and houses a 700-year-old bar.
  • Old Town Square: considered the heart of Prague’s Old Town, the site served as a marketplace for over a millennium and features a Baroque church and Gothic cathedral that will literally take your breath away. Literally.
  • Charles Bridge: a pedestrian-friendly medieval river crossing that is said to connect Eastern and Western Europe.
  • The Astronomical Clock of Prague: located near the town hall, this site is a magnet for tourists eager to synchronize their watches with one of the oldest timepieces in the world.

View of the Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic

You can take diverse excursions all day long and enjoy the vibrant nightlife after when the sun sets. In the evening, the city starts to glow with all the colors and attracts all kinds of nocturnal people eager to hit the town. Nights in Prague are the best for romantic dates and stag parties. Everything is youthful, energetic, affordable, immersive, and mesmerizing. Seeing is believing so mark Prague on your tourism map and let the magic unfold.


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