Marvel at the Colors of Iran by Visiting these 6 Destinations

Beautiful sunset reflecting in resevoir in Iran

The Middle East is not particularly known for being colorful. But, head up to the northern regions, particularly Iran, and you will see the most vibrant hues to delight your eyes.

It’s not just the natural environment that is vividly colorful, even the people and man-made structures are.

The locals are exceptionally friendly and joyful. In a matter of minutes, they can make you feel like close kin. They will open their homes to you and make sure that you are comfortable.


As for the man-made structures, particularly in the city of Tehran, the innovative designs stand out even more because of the exceptional choice of colors incorporated into them. It is not uncommon to find bold combinations of turquoise or teal, yellow, scarlet, orange, and purple worked into mosaic or lighting designs.

Therefore, if you wish to treat your senses, set out to see Iran’s rich physical and cultural hues.

‘Want to know the some of the best places to bask in the gorgeous “palette” of this country? Here are six Iran destinations known for their rich textures and colors:

Monastery of Saint Thaddeus

Also known as Kara Kilise or the “Black Church,” this impressive stone church is nestled in the rugged, mountainous region of the West Azerbaijan Province, just 20 kilometers away from the town of Chaldiran.

Added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in July 2008, this historic site was said to have been built as far back as 68 CE. What is certain, though, is that some of the material can be dated as far back as the 10th century although some extensive rebuilding had taken place after the 1319 earthquake.

Since this quiet stone edifice sits high up in the mountains, it is a great place for simple relaxation and mindful contemplation. It features a couple of green courtyards and views of rolling hills. Here, you can also enjoy generally cooler breezes because of the elevation so be sure to bring something warm even if it’s not cold where you’re coming from.

Aladaglar Mountain Range in Zanjan

This mountain range looks like it is covered by a giant Persian rug. It does not only possess an enchanting gradation of colors, it has rich color combinations as well.

During the autumn season, you will marvel at the varying shades of teal, emerald green, burnt sienna, lavender, and yellow.

A hike or drive around this location will leave you breathless. And if you plan to stay put for a whole day here, you will witness distinct changes in the appearance of the range. This is due to the positioning of the sun that alters the landscape’s color intensity through shadows.

Hormuz Island

This peaceful destination attracts tourists from all over because of the island’s red soil, silver sand shores, and Prussian blue waters. It doesn’t look like your tropical paradise because of the distinctive red soil, especially along the Red Coast.

Magnificent cliffs on the coast in Iran

If you wish to see the different shades of red soil Hormuz has, there are stands and shops around that sell them in a collection of vials, or in the form of bottled sand art.

It is worth noting as well that the locals celebrate the unique color of the island by using soil pigments to create body, fabric, and wall art.

The island is also home to a giant circular carpet on the sand. Thirty people worked on this carpet, it is 1,400 square meters in size, and it shows off the hues prominent on the island.

Kermoon Village

This place is located along the Asalem Khalkhal Road, which is another one of Iran’s scenic routes. In the spring, it is often called “heaven on earth.”The ground is completely covered with different kinds of wildflowers and various shades of green grass.

Maharloo Lake

Maharloo Lake is another colorful beauty that is almost unreal.

This is a seasonal salt lake that you can find in Shiraz, Iran. The shore is silvery white because of the salt, yet the water appears to be red.

Maroon Lake in Iran

According to Wikipedia, the unique appearance of the lake is mainly due to the high evaporation rates and salt concentrations in the area. The water turns into a deep pink to almost red hue because of red tide that occurs in the mid-summer.

A red lake with a silvery shore is a rare sight, so if you find yourself in Iran, make sure to book a hotel in Shiraz and score the unique experience of seeing this natural wonder.

Nasir al-Molk Mosque a.k.a. “The Pink Mosque”

The Pink Mosque is known the world over for its stained-glass windows which produce the most vivid projection of the window design. And like most mosques in Iran, it also boasts countless painted tiles on the ceilings and walls, as well as gorgeous Persian rugs.

A mosque in Iran with beautiful stained-glass and Persian rugs

Come in the early morning to see the stunning light show produced by the sun and the stained-glass windows.

Come and see Iran’s colorful tapestry!

Iran has so much more to offer if you want to have a truly amazing and “colorful” travel experience.

So, if you wish to rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit by taking a trip abroad, indeed, Iran should be top-of-mind as your next travel destination.


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