Los Angeles on a Budget

Lifeguard Station Los Angeles, CA

LA American flag Venice BeachMost people have heard about LA and most people have created their own picture of what it is like. So did we, and while visiting we realized it was nothing close to what we envisioned.

Ones budget while in LA decides what one can do and how well one can experience it. It is difficult not to become a “watcher” when not having a lot of money to spend only on pleasure. Everything costs and it is not hard to spend a little too much. Here are some of our experiences in Los Angeles on budget.

Venice Beach: Come as You Are

This place has a mix of all kinds of people, and just watching everyone is entertainment itself. All senses get activated while strolling the strip. Watch the surfers catch some waves, listen to street music, watch the different types of art in the “street-exhibitions”, look at all the bodybuilders at muscle beach, be impressed by the street dancers, put on your rollerblades and dance along with the other roller skaters or buy some fruit and watch the skaterboarders in the skate park. While in LA, spend one or two days in Venice beach and see what it is like, because nothing else is like that colorful place.


Surfers Venice Beach Lifeguard Station Venice Beach, CASkateboarders Venice Beach, CARollerblading Venice Beach, Los Angeles, CA

Lunch and Stroll in Santa Monica

Santa Monica represents a great contrast to Venice beach. While Venice offer space for all kinds of people and interests, Santa Monica gives a direct impression of being a bit luxurious. Enjoy a tasty lunch, coffee or sparkling wine in the sun in the center and make sure to pay a visit to Santa Monica’s well known pier.

If one enjoys strolling around looking in stores there is a good range of shops. There are the more expensive stores with various famous brands, or if one prefers something a little more affordable, there is H&M, Victoria secret, Roxxy and so on. There is truly is something for everyone.

Santa Monica pier in the distance

Hollywood, CA

We have seen it in movies or on tv – celebrities, rock stars, million dollar cars, the Hollywood sign… But what is Hollywood really like?

Hollywood, CATo be honest, we have to say that we experienced Hollywood as a little bit overrated. Hollywood in itself did not fulfill our expectations created by media or other people’s experiences and stories.  Sure, the place is pretty cool to experience, mainly because how one can relate to scenes from movies and not because of the place in itself. So would we do it again? Do not think so. But then of course, it depends on who you are as a person and what one is interested in.

Since we were on a tight schedule we decided to take one of the famous sightseeing tours. We got tickets for less than half the price, which was the reason we decided to tag a long.  It is fun to see Beverly Hills, the Hollywood sign, houses in which actor’s lives, famous buildings and all that, but we believe going on one of those tours can be expensive and it is not worth it.

a view of los angeles

When in LA, rent a car and go around and see places. Make priorities depending on your time schedule and try not to go there with a tight budget, there are a lot of things to see, big distances between places and high prices in LA, be prepared and ready to spend money if you want to experience LA from its best side. Los Angeles on a budget is doable though but not easy!


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