A Londoners Guide To London

The London Eye at night

This global city has a great deal of tourists who are mainly visiting tourist attractions such as Madame Tussauds, Big Ben, The Shard and London Eye, or are updating their wardrobe while walking along different shopping streets. But, there is so much more to see and do in London that you might not have heard about yet.

One of my closest friends, Orna Lyons lives in London and she is, in this post giving one her favorite places in her beloved London. Next time one is visiting this cultural world capital as it is described, why not explore Orna’s favorites with this guide to London.

Orna’s Guide to London

Browse through Spitalfields Market ( Vintage shopping & antiques)

Situated just off Brick Lane in East London, Spitalfields is one of the best markets London has to offer. For vintage lovers you can pick up old furs, bargain clothes, retro furniture and unique antiques that you will find nowhere else! For food lovers, there are stalls and stalls of exotic foods like Lithuanian, Ethiopian, Malaysian and Jamaican – you are bound to taste something that you have never experienced before. Spitalfields is one of my favourite places to go with friends – there are lots of trendy bars, old fashioned pubs and cool hangouts. You can soak up the true East London culture and atmosphere and if you are truly in the mood for rummaging you can find some hidden treasures.

Spitalfields Market
Image: Orna Lyons

Stroll Along South Bank

The South Bank in central London is one of the prettiest places in London and has a vibrant atmosphere that is hard to beat. Although this area encompasses major tourist attractions such as the Thames and the London Eye it manages to maintain a cool vibe and is a popular hangout for both tourists and Londoners themselves. South Bank is the place where you will find numerous street performers and artists; anything from singers to magicians and street graffiti artists. You can stroll along the river and visit some of the attractions or you can just chill out on the green and take it all in. There are multiple food stalls around South Bank offering high quality street food. Orna is letting me know that on warm days the place is flocked with people with picnics and ice cream vans.

Southbank at night
Image: Steve Cadman

Explore Little Venice

Orna is telling me that in her opinion, Little Venice is one of London’s best kept secrets. This picturesque area, which is situated just Warwick Avenue borrows its name from the beautiful city in Italy. Once you stumble upon this water bank it feels as though you have been transported to another country – with low hanging willow trees, and houseboats lining the canal, the place is like something out of a postcard.

One of the best things about Little Venice is that you are able to take a boat trip down the canal, whether you want to roe a canoe yourself or take a guided boat tour this is the perfect way to spend a sunny Saturday she says. The area is frequented by many well known residents and celebrities who reside in neighbouring areas such as Marylebone and Paddington. She has spotted Keira Knightley and Chris Martin strolling around this area in one day!

There are lots of great restaurants, cafes and pubs lining the canal in Little Venice. Orna found a tiny Persian restaurant called Kateh and she said it was one of the best meals she has ever had.

Little Venice Canal
Image: Orna Lyons

So, the next time you are visiting London, try something new. I think you would like it!


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