La Gomera Canary Islands – The Best Things to Do on the Island

Statue on the island of Gomera in the Canary Islands

The second smallest among the Canary Islands, La Gomera’s circular cake-like form is only around 25 kilometers in diameter. But beyond its modest size are impeccable offerings that can take any tourist’s breath away. From its steep hills, beaches sporting both black and white grains of sand to the picturesque pastel-colored villages perched against the green mass of land, there’s no doubt that La Gomera Canary Islands is a place worth visiting.

If you ever find yourself wondering what one would do on such a small island, we’ve rounded the top experiences for you to consider.

Go Hiking on La Gomera

A view while hiking on the island of Gomera in the Canary Islands


Immerse yourself in the spirit of adventure while picking one or more trails from over the 600 trail networks that La Gomera has to offer. In fact, La Gomera is a favorite spot for hiking particularly among Germans who like the thrill and mystery of getting lost and getting on track again.

Dolphin and Whale watching

For people who are more thrilled to be on the water than on land, La Gomera has the perfect treat: dolphin and whale watching. Experience a once-in-a-lifetime encounter of witnessing dolphins and whales in their natural habitat. Tourists may embark on whale and dolphin watching cruises organized by La Gomera’s certified professionals throughout the year. Various breeds of dolphins like bottlenose dolphins, pilot, and spotted dolphins, as well as different types of whales like sperm whales and Blainville’s whales, make their appearance during the cruise.


Sail boats in the port of San Sabastian on Gomera in the Canary Islands

Sailing is a popular and in-demand activity in La Gomera, thanks to the island’s excellent climate, cool breeze, and the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. Sailing is preferable during winter when the current is easier to navigate. Organized sailing tours and excursions are available throughout the year, but if you’d want to have the most pleasurable experience, go in winter when you’d rather be on the water, rather than be in it.

Basking at the Beach

La Gomera is a preferred destination in the Canary Islands for people who want to enjoy their time in the beach in peace and solitude. Most of the beaches on the island are secluded, and some can only be accessed by walking.

One of the many black sand beaches on the island of Gomera in the Canary Islands

Additionally, there are several black sand beaches on the island, but all of them offer clear and pristine blue waters. For the best beaching experience, consider coming to Playa de Santiago, Playa de San Sebastian, and Playa de Valle Gran Rey.

Exploring the Island

The views in La Gomera are spectacular from all angles. This picturesque little island is blessed with pure natural beauty. But if you want to find the perfect vantage point or the “Mirador” in La Gomera’s local language, you have various options.

The Roque de Agando is a favorite among tourists with its peak taking the form of a bullet. On top of the 1246 meter formation is the sprawling vista of Garajonay National Park as well as the Benchijigua Reserve.

View of Roque de Agando on island of Gomera in the Canary Islands

Alternatively, you may want to go to Mirador de San Juan perched on a hill, offering the splendid view of the lush and fertile Hermigua Valley. Right ahead is the breath-taking view of the Mount Teide, standing against the dramatic backdrop of blue skies and vast ocean.

La Gomera is an island you can’t underestimate. In fact, when you come and visit, you’ll see that there’s much more to La Gomera than meets the eye.


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