Kyrenia (Girne), Northern Cyprus

The harbor in Kyrenia, Cyprus

Cyprus is divided into two sides, Greek Cypriots (south) and Turk Cypriot (occupied north). The occupied side more or less belongs to Turkey. The history behind all this is long, and I will not go through the whole story now, but it matters to the unity impression of the destination. Kyrenia has a strong connection to Turkey when it comes to food, cultural impression, music and so on.

Take pleasure in some Turkish meze and raki, enjoy good company, delicious food, gather some new energy in an very unstressed environment that prevail among locals and those few Europeans that has find their way to Kyrenia- so far. Be part of a different experience in Cyprus.


view of the village of Bellapais, Cyprus


This is a picturesque village situated up in the mountains. Have the benefit of enjoying the amazing view of Kyrenia, eat fresh fish and sip on a glass of wine while watching the sunset. There are some small stores with typical beautiful Turkish jewelers. There is also a very old ministry that one can visit. Bellapaís is my own personal favorite place in Kyrenia.

The Harbor

view of the boats in Kyrnia harbor Cyprus

Extremely pleasant area located in the heart of the city. Loads of restaurants and cafés. Eat a real Turkish meal with meze or enjoy some fresh caught fish with a delicious salad.


St. Hilarion

the view at St Hilarion overlooking mountains Cyprus

Their walls and towers have emerged from the rocks and the legend speaks of a secret gate to an enchanting garden. It has been said that Walt Disney got his inspiration for ‘Snow White’ from St. Hilarion. You have to climb a lot of steps to reach the top, but it is worth it as you will find the most amazing view over Kyrenia.


  1. So pleased to see you covering Northern Cyprus. We used to travel to Cyprus a bit when we lived in Dubai and once wrote a guidebook to the country and Northern Cyprus was my favourite part, especially Kyrenia. Did you also get to the far eastern tip? Ruggedly beautiful.


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