Helping Anacostia High School Travel to Cuba

The students of the Anacostia High School International Club

Travel has been something that has made a huge impact on my life and I always try to encourage others to see as much of the world as possible. Recently, I started volunteering with an organization called FLYTE (Foundation for Learning and Youth Travel Education), which raises money to send high school students in some of the most underserved cities in the US on trips overseas. Most students that go on these trips have never left their own state or even their own neighborhoods.

This summer, FLYTE will be sending students from Anacostia High School International Club to Cuba. Anacostia High School is located in Southeast Washington D.C. The majority of Anacostia’s students were born and raised in the area and take pride in calling Washington D.C. home.

“In the area in which I teach, most students’ personal goals are limited to a range of about five years. As a result of their circumstances, most students are not exposed to the possibilities outside their immediate surroundings. This trip certainly has the opportunity to change their perception of their passions and aspirations. We know our students’ views of societal structure as well as personal accountability will begin to evolve. Many of the students interested in studying abroad are also those who aspire to attend college. Traveling to one of these countries could serve as a bridge toward enlightenment, which would propel our students toward continuous learning,” wrote Anacostia teacher Kathrine Avila.


A lot of us have had the chance and the privilege to travel and see other parts of the world. I am hoping you might join me in helping make that a possibility for the students of Anacostia. Every dollar makes a difference.

Please give at my fundraising page here! Thanks for your support in advance. Whether it’s $1 or $500, it all adds up and will truly mean a lot.

UPDATE: FLYTE met the fundraising goal to send Anacostia to Cuba! Thanks so much for everyone that donated. It means a lot to the kids of Anacostia High School.

You can still donate to FLYTE for future trips or to learn more about the organization by clicking here.



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