Getting Closer

Traveler on the beach watching the waves


It is now 8 days until I’m leaving Sweden for Mexico. Home is where your heart is.

I believe that is true. I don’t feel 100% myself or that genuinely satisfied without the ocean and the beach, and of course without great people around me.
I have now decided to go back to Puerto Escondido, in eight days I will be driving down to Copenhagen with my parents to spend one night there. Spend some time together before I’m flying the next day. First to Madrid, then Miami then Mexico City. Staying one night in the big city before flying to Puerto the day after. I’m super excited, I’m happy and I’m feeling free. I can feel the pure happiness that goes through my body, the tickles I get and the smile I feel when thinking about it. For the first time in like four years I’m doing something on my own, something I have decided to do, for myself.
You will now be able to follow my journey and my new chapter of my life. I’m excited, nervous and happy.
I hope you will find it inspiring.


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