French Moments: Visiting Paris in The Summertime

A view of Paris lights at night during the Summer.

With the warm sun on your back and vibrant colors all around you, summertime is by far the best stretch of the year to visit some exciting new places. Paris is especially alluring between the months of June and August and should you decide to visit it during these months, you are bound to feel unadulterated joie de vivre that pulsates through its gaudy streets. If you want to savor your own French moments, here’s why visiting Paris in the summertime is such an amazing idea.

a view of a residential building and architecture at sunset in Paris France.

The Basics

Paris, France is not only a city of mesmerizing architecture, but it is also a city of cafés and you’ll hardly see them spread out in all their glory as you would during summertime. There is hardly a better feeling than enjoying a morning espresso on the café terrace near the banks of Seine. The average temperatures between June and August are circa 13°C minimum, usually nights, and 25°C maximum. This means you generally don’t have to suffer through awkwardly hot temperatures while you are on your Paris trip. The city’s known for its pleasantly mild yet fittingly warm mid-year weather.


a artist painting a large canvas on a street in Paris France.

The Alluring World Music Day

La Fête de la Musique, or if you will – World Music Day, is celebrated on 21 June and it is truly a treat for all Paris visitors who have decided to visit in the early summer. The best thing about this summer solstice festival is that it is predominantly free. The genre coverage live street musicians can play is truly staggering – from jazz to rock, funk, reggae, classical and even the latest pop hits. The atmosphere during this festival is disarmingly cheerful and kinetic, as residential passers-by will join the dance on a whim. If you’re lucky enough to visit Paris in early summer, this is definitely the occasion you’ll hardly ever forget.

a beautiful wooden door seen from a street in Paris France.

Saint John’s Eve

If you are in love with tradition, its long history, and accompanying rituals, then Fête de la Saint-Jean (Saint John’s Eve) is the holiday for you. It takes place on 24 June, and you’ll notice it is not particularly celebrated in the city of Paris. This is why it lends you a good opportunity to go on a “field trip” just beyond the city limits and see how they celebrate this holiday in the countryside. After all, it would be a real shame if you didn’t check out the bucolic countryside that surrounds the City of Light while you are there. It is a part of its overall landscape just as much as the Gothic cathedrals are.

A fountain in Paris during the summer with blue skies above.

You can kick off your day with one of the many interesting Paris tours before you proceed to the late afternoon picnic out of town. If you are determined enough, you might just witness the spectacular bonfire in one of surrounding towns, which is lit up to commemorate the birth of John the Baptist.

Other Festivities

Of course, there are countless interesting highlights during the summer. There is the famous Tour de France in June or July that always ends in the Champs-Élysées, Eurockéennes Festival of Belfort in July is the perfect highlight for rock’n’roll lovers, and Paris-Plages which is open July-August is an amazing artificial beach created along the coastline of the river Seine near the very center of the city.

A Parisian riding a bicycle on a street in Paris during the Summer.

Climb the Eiffel Tower

Of course, at the end of the day, the Paris experience is virtually nothing without a “seasonal” visit and climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower. It is simply a rite of passage, not only its most iconic landmark but a bona fide wonder of the world (well, not technically, but it definitely should be). Thankfully, you don’t have to climb this iron marvel like a mountaineer – you can take the slow elevator ride to the top and savor the captivating summer cityscape.

A view of the Eiffel Tower in Paris France during a summer sunrise.

Every season in Paris has its own upsides. It is truly a magical place with countless idiosyncrasies to enjoy. However, if you are about to be a complete newcomer to the City of Lights, it is highly recommended that you visit during summertime. It’ll give you Paris at its most lively and vibrant and you won’t have to fear extreme weather or any allergies. All in all, it’s a good introductory season to one of the most beautiful cities on earth.

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