Eight Tastiest Dishes to Try When in Ibiza

The harbor in Ibiza, Spain with the city reflecting in the water

If you are a foodie, there’s shouldn’t be anything called the best time to visit Ibiza for you. The island’s gastronomic treasure is powerful enough to satisfy your taste buds all through the year. The fertile soil of this gorgeous island produces some of the tastiest crops in Europe. That is actually one of the main reasons why foods prepared in this tiny paradise are so sumptuous. The section below would inform you about nine tasty dishes in Ibiza you should never miss eating.

Lamb Chops Served at Balafia in San Juan Rd

It would be wrong if we say that Balafia is only known for its lamb chops as all food items served here are equally popular. However, it can definitely be said that Balafia makes the best lamb chops you will ever have. The chefs here grill meat loafs over almond, olive, and carob branches, which provide them with a unique flavor. In addition, all the dishes in this restaurant are served with a special onion salad, a juicy tomato, and some crunchy, thinly sliced house chips.

Paella de Marisco Served at Es Xarcu

a serving dish with Paella in it


Cardiad and her husband Mariano have been running Es Xarcu successfully for more than two decades. Their biggest USP has been the classic, authentic, and simple food they serve. Their primary focus has always been maintaining quality. You should try the paella prepared by them even if you are not a big fan of authentic seafood; this dish will make you fall in love with seafood. The cooks of this eatery prepare the paella using traditional procedures, but only after adding their unique personal touch to those methods.

Gambas de Formentera Served at La Noria

The exquisite taste of Gambas de Formentera or Formentera prawns served at La Noria will easily make the view of the mesmerizing Cala Boix appear slightly less exciting. You would love the taste of this dish even more if you try it with a glass of chilled wine. Critics often describe this combination as “a pair made in heaven”.

Mero al Horno or Baked Grouper Served at Yemanja Beach Restaurant

There are quite a few nice places to hang out at the famous Cala Jondal beach. However, if you are looking to have some delicious baked grouper for lunch, you should head directly to Yemanja. You will have a tough time to find an eatery that makes a tastier baked grouper than them, in the entire world.

Pan con Tomate Served at Can Mayol

Olive oil being poured on a dish of Pan con Tomate

Pan con tomate is one of those classic Spanish dishes that tastes best without any tweak. The chefs at Can Mayol are aware of this fact; this allows them to serve the tastiest version of the item. For those who don’t know, upon ordering Pan con tomate, you will get to eat crusty bread covered with fresh tomato juice and olive oil. It forms a great combination with the famous Spanish white coffee beverage café con leche.

Bio Plate Served at La Paloma

La Paloma is a popular family run eatery and is known for presenting a menu filled with lip-smacking delicacies. One of the highlights of this restaurant is that most of the vegetables and fruits used in their kitchen are produced in their own farms and gardens. Bio Plate is an organic and vegan dish served at La Paloma; it contains tasty and healthy dips, crackers, and salads.

Mixed Seafood Grill Served at Fish Shack

The small restaurant that serves the finest mixed seafood grill in the island has a different name. However, both locals and tourists refer to the place as “the fish shack”. Your Ibiza travelogue will remain incomplete if you don’t taste the seafood served at this eatery.

Tortilla Espanola Served at Can Cosmi in Santa Agnes

A plate of tortilla Espanola in Ibiza

If you are looking to have some light snacks after strolling across the gorgeous beaches of Ibiza, gulp up some Tortilla Espanola served at Can Cosmi (remember it’s the outlet located in the small village inland of Santa Agnes). This restaurant is known for preparing the most delicious and yet the lightest dishes; you can bring your kids and elderly parents to this Spanish restaurant. Visiting the place for breakfast every day during your stay in Ibiza would also be a great idea.


Ibiza is not famous for its beauty, but also for the tasty dishes which you can find here in our post. Have you ever been to Ibiza and tried these? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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