Costa Rica Day 14 – Montezuma

Costa Rica Montezuma

Hóla amigos y amigas!

How are you guys?

We have now been here in Costa Rica for 14 days. It is superhot and we were told that this month is the worst one, great. But as long as one drinks a lot of water and are swimming in the ocean, it is all good.


The other day we left Santa Teresa to Montezuma where we tried the canopy. It was so much fun, and a bit scary. One can check it out here:

We paid 40 dollars each, which we think was worth it. It is good fun! We also stayed at Montezuma waterfalls for a while and then had a nice lunch in the montezuma village.

I would say that Montezuma is a bit prettier than Santa Teresa since everything is collected together instead of spread out, as in shops and restaurants. But the beaches here in Santa teresa are more beautiful.

We have one week left here before heading back to Sweden, and when we get back- be ready for some new exciting articles!



Lots of love/

Emma & Lisa



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