Temple of Koh Ker in Cambodia

Beyond Angkor Wat: Lesser Known Temples of Cambodia

Just about all the tours in Cambodia feature the famous Angkor Wat and a visit there is definitely a must. However, there are many lesser...
Gujarat, India

Gujarat: Explore India’s Wild West

Barely noticed as a tourist destination by travelers until recently, Gujarat, India has now found a place on the wish list of many tourists. While...
View from Palawan Island

Palawan Island: A Nature Lover’s Paradise

Quite untouched, this gem of natural beauty is often referred to as a final frontier and continually ranks as the best island in the world. Filled with...
kitesurfing in Mũi Né Vietnam

Mũi Né: Living in the Kitesurfing Capital of Asia

Landing in the tremendous heat in Hô Chi Minh City after leaving a wintery Sweden can be quite overwhelming. For me it felt like...
The trans-siberian train in the morning light making a curve.

Explore the Trans-Siberian Railway: 7 Stops Along the Way

The longest railway line in the world, with a length of 9,289 km (5,772 mi), the Trans-Siberian Railway has long been on the list...
one of the unique rooms overlooking the waterfall at Rainforest Resort Athirapally

Take a Step Into the Wild at a Rainforest Resort

Built with the aim of giving guests the opportunity to be part of nature. Situated in the rainforest, offering luxury accommodation as part of...

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