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Top Travel Tips for Traveling on a Budget | aTRAVELthing.com
view of an open square in Krakow Poland

Krakow Backpackers Guide

In many ways Krakow, is the perfect destination for the backpacker or frugal traveler. The former capital of Poland has heaps of historical intrigue...
The harbor in Kyrenia, Cyprus

Kyrenia (Girne), Northern Cyprus

Cyprus is divided into two sides, Greek Cypriots (south) and Turk Cypriot (occupied north). The occupied side more or less belongs to Turkey. The...
People walking along the Yarra River in Melbourne Australia

Visit Melbourne without Breaking Your Budget

Melbourne, Australia is a vibrant destination that you can enjoy without reaching for your wallet every time you want to do something. There are...
backpacking in plaza mayor madrid, spain

5 Tips for Backpacking Through Europe

Europe is often considered to be the most expensive continent to travel. This may not fit well with all backpackers. However, Europe does attract the...

5 Tips to Get the Courage to Work Abroad

Have you always wanted to work abroad but you are hesitant to take that first step? Here are a few tips to help you...
Lifeguard Station Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles on a Budget

Most people have heard about LA and most people have created their own picture of what it is like. So did we, and while...
credit card with smart chip

Travel Hacking and Transportation

Travel hacking has become a common buzzword and a trend in the travel industry, but what is it really? If you have read at least...

The Pros and Cons of Using Airbnb

Airbnb has certainly transformed the way we travel. Some people love it and refuse to stay anywhere else, others are still skeptical. In this...
Image of an open road with blue skies and clouds in the background

How a Road Trip Can Change Your Life – And How to Prepare for...

There comes a time in every driver’s life when the thought of driving for as long as they possibly can and exploring the world...
Male backpacker walking down a street in Southeast Asia

Save Money While Traveling: 5 Tips for Backpackers

I think when it comes to traveling nothing can stop a true traveler! That includes backpacking on a tight budget. The excitement of seeing...

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