Casa Hogar Nueva Vida

Casa Hogar Nueva Vida Orphanage

At Casa Hogar Nueva Vida, an orphanage located in Puerto Escondido, Mexico, daily life is built up around children in need. Because of and thanks to volunteers, children in need of love and safety are getting a chance for a new life, by people offering their time to give young boys and girls protection and total living assistance. Casa Hogar Nueva Vida was created in response to the lack of orphanages in mexico for abandoned and neglected children.

While spending time in Puerto Escondido we learned how important the orphanage is for society and were touched by how volunteers are really trying to make life for children better. We contacted Casa Hogar to learn more about how the organisation works and how it is possible for the people behind it to run it.

Peter (volunteer at casa hogar)
“For myself, I can only add that foreign help is an essential part financial support of Casa Hogar since local government does not contribute almost anything to sustain these children. The needs are great especially in school materials (books, notebooks and other tools for learning), food supplies, we managed last year to buy a freezer for the meat but most of the time it is empty due to lack of funds.”


While traveling it is easy to get in touch with situations different from home and sadly enough, it is almost as easy to let it go when leaving the destination behind. This time we could not. We here at decided to contribute in our own way to Casa Hogar. As we have the opportunity to reach out to people with this site, we collected money for these children and plan to return to help in person and share the life of these people with you.


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