Biarritz: One of Europe’s Best Surf Spots

Biarritz, France in the distance with beaches and oceans

We decided to leave rainy Sweden for a holiday in Biarritz, France. Situated in the province of Labourd in French Basque Country, Biarritz’s waves makes this place one of Europe’s best surf spots. People all over the world travel here to catch a good ride and we felt that we definitely had to try it out as well.

surf boards lying on the beach in Biarritz, France

It turned out it wasn’t hard at all to get hold of surf equipment. The path from our hotel to the beach was riddled with surf shops offering boards, wetsuits and everything else that a surfer would need. As first time visitors we noticed pretty soon how the whole city breathed surfing and its culture. The majority of the stores, restaurants and hotels have their own way to express the connection to surfing and its traditions. Just to get around the main street one has to evade for stands with surfboards.



We wanted to get out and join the lineup, which is more or less packed during all times of the day, as soon as possible. We paid €18 for one days equipment needed, such as wetsuits and boards. For beginners one hour of surfing can be enough, with a price of €10.

When surfing isn’t part of your daily life, you can feel pretty tired and exhausted after some tries to get up on the board and what doesn’t suit better than a crepe to give you some new energy. The crepe which looks like a pancake can be found everywhere in town and it can be filled with almost anything. Our favorite is the one with Nutella, very tasty!

The selection of food in Biarritz is pretty similar to the rest of Europe, but one still have to try out some traditional dishes while there. Moules frites to mention one; Clams boiled with white vine, cream and served with fries and fresh baguette to dip in the sauce. Taste of heaven.

Enjoying coffee and crepes in Biarritz, France

A visit to the restaurant Chez Modjo is also a delight for both your culinary and visual senses. This little place, with a hip and modern interior with a strong identity, can be found in a hidden alley between the beach and the town. The place offers everything you may need such as brunch, tapas, large meals and drinks. Their hamburgers with home made fries did not disappoint us at all.


Biarritz is a town for everyone. If one isn’t interested of participate in the water activities there is a great deal of shopping in stores such as Gucci and Hermes . There is no lack of culture in the town either; the center is made up by well-kept buildings and along the ocean walk there are a number of viewing points one can visit. This to take part of memorial statues or just to watch the play of nature as the force of the waves hit the cliffs.
Bridge crossing over to small island in Biarritz, France

You don’t have to like surfing to have fun in the water in Biarritz. One should definitely try bodyboard, an easier way of riding the waves. There is no age limit, everyone can try this. There were many times that we caught ourselves laughing out load while riding the waves.

We left Biarritz with an unknown number of new impressions. The town has personality and we doubt that it leaves anyone untouched.


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