Best Outdoor Adventures in Killarney, Ireland

part of infographic showing outdoor adventures in Killarney, Ireland

For those traveling to the green shores of Ireland, it is worth doing your research on the best places to go if you are a fitness buff, or leisure enthusiast. While Ireland is home to many beautiful locations with lots of things to see and do, Killarney in the south west of the country is an ideal spot to visit for multiple outdoor activities.

Killarney is a town that is set on the world famous Ring of Kerry driving route and is located in the heart of a 10,200 hectare national park. The park is perfect for hikers and walkers and also includes a 28 kilometer route for cyclists called the Killarney National Park Loop.

For those who prefer something with more of an adrenaline kick, The Gap of Dunloe is an area of serene beauty just outside Killarney where visitors can enjoy rock-climbing and abseiling.


Killarney is particularly famous for its lakes and one of the best ways to explore the region is by taking a kayaking trip out onto the lakes. There is even a sunset trip option on offer for something completely unique. Fishing and angling are also available in season and prove very popular.

For a visual look at the many options for fitness and leisure activities in Killarney, Ireland, see the below infographic produced by the Killarney Hotel Group or for an in-depth read, see the accompanying guide.

infographic listing outdoor activities in Killarney, Ireland


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