Best Beaches to Visit in Europe

Aerial view of La Concha Beach in San Sebastian Spain. One of the best beaches to visit in Europe.

Summer, being around the corner, is also just the perfect time for you to get out and about. It’s basically a fun time without bad weather restrictions. Nothing fits the epitome of such a holiday than an exciting day out basking or entertaining at the beach.

Europe has many beaches on its vast coastline to add to its various tourist attractions. This time pack your bags and head to some of the best European beaches for a worthy seasonal holiday mood. tries to describe the best beaches to visit in Europe this summer.

1. Beach of La Concha

The beach of La Concha is one of the best beaches in Europe which guarantees you a worthwhile scenic experience. It’s located in San Sebastian city in Spain and proximal to the shell-shaped Concha bay that gives the beach its name.

A view of the La Concha beach in San Sebastian, Spain.

It has a green hilly backdrop that gives the beach a scenic exotic feeling. Around it is a sprawling, vibrant urban center that comes to life in full-force once the night descends upon the beach. 

There are many activities that you can take part in while on the beach including beach strolls, sun-basking, swimming, and boating. The scenic view of the beach and its surroundings also make it a perfect photography spot.

Plenty of resorts also line up the beach to providing you with exceptional dining and accommodation services. Some of the resorts feature additional services such as spas clubs and bars. One thing you need to note is that there are no parties around the beach except one in June making the spot relatively quiet. 

For accommodation, you can check in to either Hotel De Londres Y De Inglaterra or the Niza Hotela among many other resorts. The best time to visit the beach of La Concha is from June to August during the summer.

2. Dubovica Beach

Dubovica beach in Hvar Island in Croatia should be your top consideration if you are looking towards a relaxing time. Being one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, it’s very serene and located in a cove that shields it from the Mediterranean winds. Its pebbly seashore provides you with such favorable space where you can have ample and whiling moments with your loved ones.

A view of Dubovica beach on Hvar Island in Croatia. One of the best beaches to visit in Europe.

If you are into photography, the location provides a good photography scene. It’s because it’s splattered with breathtaking, medieval architecture. The beach is also easily accessible through road and by sea hence commuting is not a hassle when you factor its proximity of kilometers from Hvar town.

At Dubovica, you can sun bask, swim or even hop onto a boat to explore the vast island. The beach is family-friendly with coast guards alert hence you are assured of your safety. There is a restaurant nearby for dining and refreshments.

For accommodations, you may check in to the various holiday homes or Hotel Arkada for an awesome time. The best time to visit Croatia is during the warm summer season.

3. Marina Del Cantone

You can have a taste of the Italian Amalfi coast by setting up refuge at Marina Del Cantone beach. The rock-strewn shore is rather small but is a good hiding haven where you can have a worthwhile time. It’s accessible both by road and sea and is very scenic owing to the hilly outcrops that line the beach.

A view of the beach at Marina Del Cantone on the Amalfi Coast of Italy. One of the best beaches to visit in Europe.

This place has been developed extensively in the last decade and is a huge upgrade from what it was years back. From previously having less than five restaurants, it now boasts of various resorts. You can now also choose to dine with a perfect view of the sea in the background.

While here, other varieties of recreational activities can engage your time. For example, you can hire the basking seats for a relaxing sun-basking session. You can also go fishing or boating or swim in the cool waters. Alternatively, you can take a peaceful stroll along the seashore for a relaxed evening or morning meditation session.

Also, there are several bars on the beachfront where you can have a beer or an ice cream to calm the heat. The best time to visit Marina Del Cantone is from March to October when the weather is conducive.

For accommodation, you can make arrangements to stay in some of the hotels, villas and bed and breakfast joints. A notable hotel that you could check into is the Locanda Del Capitano for high-quality services.

4. Palombaggia Beach

Palombaggia beach in Corsica France is one of the most beautiful in Europe, which you need to visit over the summer. The expansive sandy beach is the fairy tale description with the sand, sand dunes and palms dotting it.

A view of Palombaggia Beach in Corsica, France. One of the best beaches to visit in Europe.

Palombaggia is also very accessible both by road and sea with a parking bay if you decide to drive to the beach. The coastline is also handicap-friendly. There are many amenities such as restaurants, paddle boats and there are lifeguards around so it’s a safe place to visit with your family. 

Apart from sun basking and swimming, you can also get into boating or engage in beach sports such as beach volleyball for an amazing time. There is also scuba diving if you are into deep-sea exploration. If you have a dog you can tag it along as dogs are allowed at this awe-inspiring seashore. Just make sure your pet meets the set health standards.

Although it’s accessible all year round, the best time is from May to September. For accommodation, you can either opt for Hotel Ambassador or Villas Palombaggia. There are also many villas and holiday homes in the vicinity with a manageable budget.

These are some of the best beaches in Europe that you can visit in the coming holiday season, and any other time you feel like getting away. The beautiful coastlines are so conducive when it comes to amenities. Some of them of these facilities are designed in such a way that they handicap-friendly.  

Meanwhile, the best time to visit the beaches is from March over to October before winter dawns. The restaurants and hotels dotting the beaches ensure that you have a convenient place for dining, clubbing and also accommodation.


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