Aiming to Work Abroad? Here are 7 Things You Must Do!

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If you are thinking of working abroad, then let us tell you that you will be among those 244 million people who venture out of their homeland to fulfill their dream of working overseas.

Leaving your nest can be pretty amazing and a life-changing adventure that will leave you with experiences and memories of a lifetime. Not to mention, it can also completely transform your career path for good, but the process and planning can be a little tedious as well.

So for your help, we have put together some things to consider and some facts to get to know about:


Do your research about the cost of living vs. your salary

The most important point in the list of things to consider is money. You will first need to figure out how much money you will make each month exactly and then compare that figure to the cost of living.

Calculating your budget for working abroad

You will basically calculate how much money you will be left with after deducting the monthly costs like rent, bills, taxes, etc. It is better to calculate beforehand and avoid a situation where you are in a great country but are unable to afford anything.

You can visit below-mentioned links to do currency conversion swiftly: and

Learn everything you can about visas and work permits

If you require a working visa, then it is advisable to get it sorted out as soon as possible. In most cases, your employer will support you throughout the process; however, there are plenty of documents to be prepared from your side too, so the foremost thing to do is finding out what all papers you will need to legally work in another country, like degree certificate, the resume, criminal record check etc.

It will be good if you fully understand the rights and limitations associated with the type of visa that you’ll be issued. For instance, some visas don’t allow you to change jobs for a certain period of time. Inquire about what happens in case the employer terminates your contract, will you be liable to leave immediately or will you have the right to stay in the country to look for another job, if yes, then for how long?

If you violate those terms and conditions then there is the risk of deportation.
Working regulations will be different in every country and also complex, so to avoid any confusion, it is worth getting advice from a professional immigration lawyer.
Remember, that Visa and Immigration is an extensive process and you will have to invest both time and money into it. To know more about the visa and work permit process, you can check this link as well.

Explore resources on how to find a job and a place to live

If you have already decided on working in a specific city, then it is the best to do your research on how easy it is to find a job in that particular city and how to find a place to live.

Searching the internet for jobs abroad

Explore the place and find out how the people in that city commute and if that fits in your budget as well as expectations.

Plan your leisure activities

Many people move abroad because it gives them a chance to explore a new culture, but to do that you will need your own ‘me time’ to explore the place, its culture, and its people. Although it may not sound important at the beginning, it is always good to find out how much vacation time or off time you will have (ask about your sick leaves as well).

A traveler playing frisbee while working abroad

Remember that all work, no play makes Jack a dull boy? Don’t be a Jack.  Make sure that you find time for leisure activities.

Start working on building a network

Here social media comes to your rescue and you can use it very easy to find and connect with the people in your industry. Start by becoming active on Twitter and LinkedIn, go ahead and join groups, forums. You can also talk to expats and locals and seek their advice on anything you want.

Get the idea of how do locals find jobs

Different countries have different approaches to finding a job. In some countries people like a more formal approach that includes a whole lot of paperwork while there are others who prefer face-to-face interaction. So it is better to get the hang of how the locals of that particular country or city find their jobs and then figure out how you will do it. On your own or through a recruiting agency?

A traveler asking locals how to find a job abroad

Learn how to write CVs, resumes and cover letters

After having learned about the correct approach towards how to find a job, you need to get the process started. So get yourself educated enough on the layout, content, and the basic as well as advanced formalities of writing a proper CV and cover letter for both your country and industry. It will tell you exactly how many personal details you should share and what all documents/references you will need to include.

Writing a CV or resume for working abroad

Finding a working place abroad may be tiresome and time-consuming sometimes but the rich prospects it offers, make it an enthralling experience. It is recommended that you always proceed with doubled surety in order to keep away the risks involved. We hope that with these pointers by your side, your work will be made easier. However, there must be questions in your mind that are still need to be addressed, find them answered in detail here: Visa & Immigration. With that mentioned, here’s wishing you all the best for a future in your dreamland!

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