A Guide to a Lavish Weekend in Melbourne

A view of the skyline of Melbourne Australia

It doesn’t come as a surprise that Melbourne, Australia is the most liveable city in the world. It has amazing architecture, culture, history and the most important of them all, it has a really good and relaxing vibe. The combination of all those things is probably why Melbourne is the best city weekend trip destination.

Cafe and Coffee

Someone pouring coffee at a street cafe in Melbourne Australia

Before you get into the adventures, the most important thing to do is to relax and enjoy an amazing cup of coffee and some good food. Melburnians are known for having some amazing avocado toast and coffee. Here are two places I liked the best when I was visiting Melbourne:

Smith and Deli

This isn’t really a proper cafe but it is amazing. First of all, it is completely vegan. The thing that they are most known for is their sandwiches. If I had to recommend one, my favorite would be the ’The Wiggum’ and trust me, it won’t disappoint. They also have amazing cakes, salads and other goodies you can come across in a deli. And let’s not forget they also serve coffee with their own fresh nut milk.


Seven Seeds Specialty Coffee

This coffee place is known for having the best coffee in the whole of Melbourne, and keep in mind that Melbourne has a lot of great options for coffee. They have a large assortment of blends you can choose from.

Beaches and Shores

The colorful beach houses on Brighton Beach in Australia

After you have enjoyed some great food and beverages, you can take a step away from real life for a while and enjoy the amazing beaches Melbourne has to offer.

Half Moon Bay Beach

Half Moon Bay Beach is located around 40 minutes from the city and was named after its crescent moon shape. It is considered to be one of the safest and calmest beaches Melbourne has. There are a lot of things you can do while you are there. The most popular thing to do on this beach is snorkeling, swimming or fishing. If you are not into beach activities, there are restaurants and cafes you can enjoy while still being on the beach.

Brighton beach

Brighton beach was named after the famous Brighton beach that is located in the UK because it displays colorful bath boxes on its shores. All these are identical in size and shape to ones in the UK. It has beautiful turquoise blue water that gives you a sense of tranquillity. Besides relaxing you can go sailing, kite surfing or swimming.

Yarra River

The Yarra River spirals its way through Melbourne’s Central Business District also known as CBD, plus a large amount of suburbs. In the center there are some amazing pubs, restaurants, and parks that flourished along its banks, bringing together locals and tourists. There are various festivals and sporting events that take place on the Yarra, including the well-known Moomba Festival and rowing regattas.

A view of the Yarra River in Melbourne Australia

An hour-long boat cruise in Melbourne is one of the most popular ways of getting to know Melbourne while making some friends and relaxing on the river. while enjoying the scenic part of the river, the boat will travel upstream going past Federation Square, the Birrarung Marr parklands, various sporting venues such as the MCG and Rod Laver Arena, beneath Swan Street Bridge, which is one of many bridges that stretch over the Yarra, you can see the beautiful botanic gardens and the suburb of Richmond, and then you will turn around at the mansions of South Yarra.

When you start heading downstream you will go under three very low bridges, Queen Street is going to be the first you will go under. You will pass the docking point for European settlers, the luxurious Aquarium and Casino, the amazing historic sailing ship Polly Woodside and then you will go under one last low bridge before you arrive at the Docklands area. When you go further downstream from the turnaround point you will have the most amazing view of the commercial port of Melbourne. On the return journey, you can sit back and appreciate the Captain’s narration as you travel back to the port at Southgate. We can all agree that just a weekend isn’t enough to explore all the things Melbourne has to offer. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a lavish weekend and take the time to enjoy the things you have time to visit. 

Contributor: Arlette Green

I am Arlette Green a blogger into traveling and moving to the farthest places to explore the world and myself as well. I usually start blogging after I return from my self-planned tours to share my experiences and insights gained throughout the trip. Follow me on Twitter.


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