A Comprehensive Checklist: 8 Items to Bring with You on Your Next Wine Tour

Female tourist enjoying food, wine and sunset view at Santorini, Greece

Any adventure is better when the participants come fully prepared, and a wine tour is no exception. It may seem like all people need is their desire to sample wine, but a few extras will make the day much more enjoyable. Listed below are eight items that everyone should have with them for their next wine tour.

1. Layer all Clothing

A full day of touring wine country can bring people into unique geographical areas and expose them to a range of temperatures. Layered clothing ensures that the guest remains comfortable throughout the trip. A light sweater or coat helps with breezy locations and cooler clothing beneath ensures comfort even if the day gets warmer.

2. Wear Smart Clothing

The style of clothing matters. Dark clothes make it easier to hide any spills that may occur during a tasting. Clothes without dangling sleeves or dangling bracelets also help to reduce spills.


3. Bring More Footwear

It is perfectly understandable to want to look nice when visiting elegant locations or when out on a romantic trip. However, wine tours can include a lot of walking, and sometimes the steps could be through some uneven terrain. Also, people are sometimes a little less surefooted after a couple of samplings, so bring a pair of comfortable and casual shoes.

A bunch of grapes in a French vinyard.

4. Choose Comfort Items

Sunblock, a sun hat, or an umbrella could help to make the day much more comfortable. Check the weather report and load a handbag or tote bag with any potential necessities. Bug repellent is another important item that could become very appreciated. Wine tasting is an art form, and odors can affect tastings so, look for unscented repellents and sunblock.

5. Have a Camera

Most people have cameras with them all the time on their cellphones but make certain to have something reliable. Cameras not only make selfies possible, but they are an effortless way to catalog wine favorites for a later purchase.

6. Bring a Box

A box, bag, or cooler gives people a place to store their purchases during the journey. Yadkin Valley Wine Tours often take place in vehicles with extra cargo space for this purpose. Check ahead when reserving the trip about any per person restrictions on the box or cooler size. Also, find out if there is climate control because heat can cause damage. If they do not have climate control for the cargo area, consider bringing a cooler to stop any change to the flavor of the wine.

7. Bring Some Money

People may believe the trip and the tasting will be all they need, but it is not. The exposure to so many aromas and flavors ensures that at least one bottle will need to come home. Bring enough cash for a few purchases and take advantage of the opportunity to find some highly desirable Christmas or birthday gifts.

8. Use Shoulder Bags

Anyone that plans to bring a clutch or a camera will discover they have too much to hold. Wine tasting often includes food or people have brochures or other items to handle at the same time. A shoulder bag or a camera bag slung over a shoulder keeps the hands free for a more enjoyable tasting experience. A successful wine tour requires people to find the best route with stops at the most impressive local wineries and to fully prepare for the day. Follow the list above to avoid some of the most common frustrations people experience. A few extra reminders are all it takes to turn an enjoyable wine tour into an unforgettable day.


  1. Great info! A lot of people have no idea what to expect or how to prepare for a wine tour and these are good suggestions. It is always better to read stuff this this and be ready as you will be drinking wine all day and not able to adjust once the tour has begun.


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