8 Free Travel Apps For Your Smartphone

Travel Apps for smartphones

There is a vast ocean of travel apps out there to make your traveling easier. Here are some of the better ones which are all for free.
Screenshot of Kayak app for iPhone


Many praise Kayak.com as one of the best travel search engine out there and it will help you search and book flights, hotels, rental cars etc. Now it is also available as an app for your phone. With this app you also get a flight tracker and MyTrips for easy access to your itineraries. There is also a pro version which gives you handy airport terminal maps.

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screenshot of Tripit app for iPhone



This app will help you keep track of your travel itineraries. Just forward your confirmation e-mails to [email protected] and it will automatically sort and organize your travels. If you’re a frequent traveler, be sure to check out the pro version which they state is close to having a personal travel assistant.

Download: iOS | Android | Blackberry | Windows

Hipmunk on iPhone


This is an app that is similar to Kayak in such that it is a flight search app. However it is a little bit more fun and stylish. One of the features lets you list results based on “agony”, that is how painful the trip is counting in layovers, waiting time flight duration and price. Well worth a download.

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screenshot of TripAdvisor App


This is a great app to have if you like checking up reviews on places before you visit them such as sights, restaurants, hotels and everything else travel related. Has millions of user created reviews from all over the world. Keep in mind that it is sometimes more rewarding if you discover and enjoy a place on your own, without having read any reviews beforehand.

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Google Translate App for iPhone

Google Translate

Google Translate is very good translation app for any traveler. This app excels at translating words you come across while traveling. You can even take a pic of a sign and Google will translate it for you. Thanks to a recent update, you can now download language packs. These packs allow you to use the app even when there is no internet.

Download: iOS | Android

screenshot of the XE Currency App for iphone

XE Currency

A very popular currency converter, XE Currency offers live currency exchange rates for practically any currency you could want. It also stores the latest updates so you can still use it when offline. There is also a Pro version which is not free but you can monitor up 20 currencies at one time and there are no ads.

Download: iOS | Android | Windows

screenshot of Hopper app for iPhone


Hopper is one of a new breed of travel apps that uses big data to try to predict the best time to purchase an airline ticket for a particular destination. You can even set up a “watch this trip” and Hopper will notify you when it is a good time to purchase tickets.

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screenshot of Triposo app


Triposo is basically a travel guide on your phone for nearly 50,000 destinations. By scanning through many websites, this app will give you recommendations on tours, hotels, what to see and more. Better still, you can book many of these recommendation right in the app. Oh yeah, it also works offline!

Download: iOS | Android


What are your favorite travel apps? Let us know in the comments below!



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