6 Travel Blogging Platforms to Kickstart Your Passion for Blogging

A travel blogger exploring a new destination

Who doesn’t love to travel? I mean there’s just so much fun and excitement going to a different place that you’ve never been to before. Not to mention, technology has even made travel very convenient that there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do it.

This trend is slowly taking over the world and along with that is also the trend of travel blogging. If you’re someone who loves to travel, you should definitely keep a record of your adventures and share them with the rest of the world. It just helps in spreading that #wanderlust feeling.

You don’t need to have Shakespeare’s’ writing skills to have a blog because all you need is a story to share. In fact, here are some amazing travel blogging platforms that will make you an instant travel blogger overnight.


Track That Travel

A global travel blogging platform that just launched in 2017, Track That Travel is a people’s platform because it’s 100% free and it has a user-friendly interface. It’s easy to sign up and users will have a profile of their own where they can link their social media accounts and track their blog statistics.

Screenshot of Track That Travel Website

Not to mention, the platform also has monetization opportunities where users will be able to earn up to $100/blog if their blogs perform well. Payment is sent directly through PayPal once their support team verifies that your blog meets their criteria. Track That Travel is a great platform for casual bloggers and professional bloggers trying to build a brand.

World Nomads

World Nomads is primarily a travel insurance company but it has a CMS so users can also contribute their travel blogs if they want to. Users will not have profiles of their own but they will be credited as authors for their contributions.

Screenshot from the World Nomads website

It does not have a dashboard to track your statistics and there are no monetization opportunities as well. However, it has a forum where you can connect with travelers from all over the world. It’s a great platform for travel enthusiasts where they can exchange travel resources with one another.


Travelbook is a booking website but its features also allow users to post their travels on their platform. You won’t be able to write blogs on it but you can create a profile and upload videos and pictures of your adventures. You can also connect and comment on other user’s posts.

Screenshot from the Travel Book website

Basically, whenever a user posts beautiful pictures and videos, website visitors would be able to see them and if they like what they see, they’d be booking through your profile. There aren’t any monetization opportunities for this website for now since it’s still in beta stage, however, there’s some room for growth for this one.


If you’re looking for a social media platform that also doubles as a blogging platform, then Atameo is perfect for you. This website allows you to post updates of your travels in real-time and they even have an app version for it. Its user profiles are designed to have a timeline layout where you can connect each destination that you visit.

Screenshot of the Atameo website

You can key in specific locations such as airports, restaurants, hotels, and shops while attaching music, videos, and descriptions to them. Your blogs would look like travel itineraries so it would be easier for visitors to read. It doesn’t have an analytics dashboard or monetization opportunities but it’s a good platform for every travel enthusiasts to use.


Photler is a website builder that targets the photography community. It’s very visual that it allows photos to stand out more rather than text. Basically, the main purpose of this platform is for photographers to showcase their work.

Screenshot of the Photler website

Users would be able to select from different templates to change the aesthetics of their website. They would also have an analytics dashboard and an option to choose their own website domain. However, it’s only free for 7-days and you’d have to choose from their three plans after that. This is highly recommended for bloggers who have decent photography skills and not for casual travel enthusiasts.


IQplanner is also a booking website like Travelbook, however, it does provide monetization opportunities for its users. Bloggers are able to get up to 70% commission for every booking made on their profiles.

Screenshot of the IQ Planner website

Blogs are laid out in timelines and users are able to connect their destinations with one another to look more like itineraries. Overall, IQplanner is a great platform for travel enthusiasts to earn some extra cash through blogging.

If you are already an established blogger trying to expand your reach or just a casual traveler who wants to do some travel blogging, these platforms are perfect for you. Just pick one and start sharing those awesome adventures of yours.

Contributor: Jestan Mendame

As a copywriter who loves to travel, Jestan Mendame decided to put two of things he loves doing together. Now, he’s doing some freelance travel blogging to document his travels. One of his main goals is to explore all of South East Asia. Follow him and his adventures on weduit.fun.


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