6 Reasons to Go Traveling

A couple traveling in Europe

A lot of people have the vague notion that they might like to go traveling at some point. However, where they are going to go, what they intend to do and see, and why they are going in the first place may not be something that they have really considered. Yet the idea of traveling is enough to make them excited for a trip that they haven’t even planned yet.

There are many excellent reasons to go traveling, and even if you haven’t considered them all (or any of them!) the idea is still an exciting and intriguing one. Just so that you can get a better picture of why traveling is such a great thing to do, we have compiled all the best reasons to go. Read on to find out more.

Travel Is Easy

In the past, traveling, especially if you were going to several different destinations, was difficult. The routes were hard to navigate, and it all took a long time to get anywhere. Today, however, thanks to high speed train lines, direct flights, and even cruises that can take you to various places, not to mention the fact that the price is usually no longer as prohibitive as it once was, and you can get by simply by checking out the best personal loans before you start, means that the world has been opened up for you.


Whether you choose to spend a few weeks, months, or even a year or more traveling, the options that are available to you are many and varied. Plan your route before you leave home, or leave it all to chance, and either way, you will always get where you want to go, even if sometimes you need to stop off somewhere else on the way (which is an adventure in itself).

Travel Opens Your Eyes

Staying at home and being surrounded by the familiar and comfortable is fine, and it’s something that many people are happy to do their entire lives. Yet if you do have the opportunity to travel, at least for a little while, you will see so much more, and that will influence your life in many ways.

If you are open to all the new experiences that you will come across, you will become a much more cultured, intelligent, well-rounded person who is able to be compassionate and understanding, and who will be accepting in day to day life as well.

You’ll Find Out More About You

Who are you, really? Deep down inside, what are you really all about? It’s difficult in many cases to tell; you might think you know yourself, but that’s only because you have never been in any places or situations that test you, and make you do things and make decisions that you wouldn’t usually have to do.

A man on a mountain top enjoying the view

Travel can help you to find out much more about yourself and what you are capable of. You’ll find out that who you thought you were is only part of the whole picture, and that there are experiences and adventures you can have that will shape you and teach you about yourself. When you have these answers, you can go back home and build your life around them.

Traveling Helps You Make Friends

Friendships are crucial in life. Studies have actually shown that having friends will make you not only happier but healthier too. Plus, being around other people gives you the chance to learn more about the world in general by seeing different viewpoints.

Friends taking a photo in Thailand

When you travel, you will be in the ideal position to make new friends and widen your circle. You may only meet these people briefly, never to see them again once you or they have moved on to the next destination, or they might become lifelong friends, or even more than that, but whatever happens, coming into contact with people who make you happy is good for you.

You’ll Develop New Skills

Depending on the kind of adventure you have created for yourself when you made your travel plans (assuming you have an itinerary – there is no rule that says you have to), you may well have the opportunity to develop new skills that you had no idea you could – or would need – to do and have.

You might climb to the top of a mountain, or cross a gorge over a rickety wooden bridge. You might have to start a campfire and cook over it or go fishing to catch your own dinner. Perhaps you need to quickly learn a little of a new language so that you can communicate with locals and really get the most out of your time away. You might even find that you are having to use leadership skills or be able to work in a team if there are other people around you and something needs to be done. Remember these skills, work on them, and use them in your daily life when you return home and you will be successful.

You’ll Have Great Stories To Tell

Having wonderful, exciting stories to tell when you get home is a great part of traveling, and although it’s not a reason to go on its own, it is a great benefit and a bonus when you get back. Having stories that you can tell people about what you did, the adventures you were part of, the scrapes you had to get out of and so on can help you to bond with friends and family, and those stories will be told for many generations to come, being passed down the line. The stories can also be useful in the world of business. If you are giving a presentation, why not include an anecdote or two about your traveling? This can liven an otherwise dull meeting up, especially if you have slides or a film, and as long as you can connect it to what you are doing, it will be memorable and different, possibly helping you to gain business rather than your rivals.


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