5 Tips to Get the Courage to Work Abroad


Have you always wanted to work abroad but you are hesitant to take that first step? Here are a few tips to help you get the courage to work abroad!

Don’t Overthink It

Just go! The worst thing that can happen in another country can probably happen where you are right now as well. Read up on what to avoid, but don’t overthink it! It is an opportunity, a dream waiting to come true, not a nightmare.

Save Enough Money

If you are leaving to work in a different country you won’t need too much cash. Even so, save up enough so that you have safety net in case something happens, an accident, an emergency that might force you to go home quickly. And of course enough so that you will feel secure being there.


Plan, but Don’t over Plan

Definitely make a plan of what you want to do. Finding a job before hand will make you feel more at ease, but it isn’t necessary and it might be hard to do if you are going to a less developed country.  Make a plan for when you want to have a job and try to stick with it. Don’t get dragged into being a tourist. Also take the opportunities coming to you – they might not come again.

Go with a Friend

It can be scary to travel to a new place alone. Do you have a friend who values the same experiences as you? Go together! But make sure you are a good match for living and travelling together. Leaving someone that only wants to stay on the beach while you want to hike might not be a good idea for your friendship.

Study the Language

Work abroad means learning the local language. Even if you only learn the most necessary phrases like ‘Hello’, ‘How are you’ and ‘How much is this’ it will help you a lot and the natives will appreciate it. Don’t get embarrassed! Laugh at yourself and people will laugh with you instead of at you. Don’t forget to seize the day and have fun! 


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