5 Best Cities for Introverted Travelers

View of a harbor in Shianghi

Solo trips are a perfect mode of traveling for introverts. However, there are a few things you must keep in mind before choosing a location for your lonesome adventure. Most importantly, you have to choose hotspots with low crime rates. If you opt for a city as your destination, it also needs to be a well-organized urban area that offers a lot of “breathing space” for introverted adventurists. If you want to skip researching all the necessary criteria, just scroll down to see which the 5 best cities are for introverted travelers.

1. Dublin, Ireland

Ireland’s capital city is tucked away on the coast of the Irish Sea between the two largest British Isles. It is also Ireland’s largest city, but don’t let that deter you – it has a lot of charm and many activities to offer for introverted travelers. Strolling through the hotspots of Dublin is more about thinking than talking.

A traveler taking a stroll through Dublin


The Wicklow Mountains offer some of the most amazing hiking trails that will not require too much energy from you, so you can just walk along with your thoughts. Don’t miss to see other natural landmarks like the Upper Lake or Glendalough Valley, not to mention the amazing architecture that will surround you every day when you get out of the hotel. The Writers Museum is a must-see as well, as it will give you an invaluable insight into Samuel Beckett and Oscar Wilde.

2. Paris, France

Believe it or not, the City of Lights is an amazing urban landscape for introverts. Then again, Paris has something to offer for everyone. Once you settle into your cozy hotel room, there is a whole world of culture, beauty, and history waiting for you to explore it all by yourself. Just arm yourself with a GPS and an amazing audio guide on your phone, and head to the Eiffel Tower, the Plaza Concorde and the Louvre.

An artist painting a large mural on a street in Paris, France

Even though you will spend most of your days walking through the bustling streets, hardly anyone will bother you unless you ask for help or directions – that’s when you will be basked in the renowned Parisian hospitality.

3. Sydney, Australia

Among coastal cities to visit, Sydney is probably one of the most vibrant and colorful ones. Amazing beaches and rich city life offer a whole menu of interesting activities, but it is also a city that respects those who seek solitude.

A view of the steps leading up to the Sydney Opera House

The Royal Botanic Garden is an inviting patch of quaint, green land in the middle of the city, and you can always leave the bustling central business district and visit picturesque suburban areas like Randwick. If you plan to spend a night or two in town, try your luck with one of the best Randwick hotels around and enjoy the amazing service it offers.

4. Cape Town, South Africa

While we are on the subject of coastal cities, Cape Town is the ultimate seaside experience for introverts. The endless succession of beaches hides lovely nooks and crannies for lonesome travelers and Table Mountain is just a cableway drive away. Take some time to enjoy Cape Town’s iconic attractions like Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, but feel free to tweak your schedule according to your wishes – the city is pretty laid back and it will give you space to breathe.

A woman doing yoga high on a mountain in Cape Town South Africa

5. Barcelona, Spain

If you are an introvert who admires garish architecture, warm tones and pleasant climate, then the capital of Catalonia is the hotspot for you. Barcelona is renowned for its incredible monuments and historical buildings, not to mention a UNESCO world heritage site like Sagrada Familia, which is designed by Antoni Gaudi. Spend some lonesome time in Gaudi Park and go on a ‘hunt’ for all the buildings that were influenced by this legendary artist’s work.

It is easy to get lost in the streets of this city, so if you feel your legs are starting to give in, just jump into one of Barcelona’s countless charming cafes for a refreshing beverage before you continue your adventure.

It might sound paradoxical, but urban areas are actually the best tourist hotspots for introverted travelers. Feeling completely isolated from the rest of humanity is never a good thing, especially if you are a moody type of person. Just try to find a city that strikes the perfect balance between dynamism and quaintness, and you will be golden.

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